The storm is coming from KGF

The film ‘KGF Chapter 1’ was released quietly and became a massive success in 2018 and became sensations across the nation. The film that starred Kannada rocker Rakhi Bhai Yash as its hero transformed him into a Pan India star overnight. One film director Prashant Neil is now on the list of directors who are crazy. There was a flood of praise for “KGF Chapter 2” in mocking taking. How the director helmed the action film with distinct screenplays without feeling bored made the film an instant blockbuster across the nation.

The movie “KGF Chapter 2′ is being developed as a sequel to the film. Following the phenomenal response to the first movie and the subsequent speculations about Part 2. When will this film make an impact in the theatres? Fans across the country are eagerly awaiting. The film’s team has announced the release date of this film on the occasion of Hero Yash’s birthday. The film team has confirmed that the film is scheduled to be launched on April 14th in five languages around the world at a massive scale.

A new poster with the release date has been published. However, since then, no information has been forthcoming from the film, and fans have been unhappy for a few days now that the producers aren’t launching any promotional campaigns in the near future for the release of this massive Pan India movie. The makers have said that the trailer will be released on March 27th, but there has been no feedback from the public.

Yash fans have recently been accused by Rajamouli of not executing “KGF Chapter 2′ promotions due to the ‘RRR’. However, the fans approved the ‘KGF2’ promotional campaigns for all producers who acknowledged their frustration in the field. The movie’s promotions are planned to start Monday, 21st, which is the 21st day of the month. The producer’s company for the director announced Friday during Holi that the debut single lyrical clip from the film titled ‘Storm. The song is scheduled to be launched on the 21st day of this month at 11:07 am on Monday.

The company also has a poster that is related to this. It appears that the track is targeted at children. The fans who’ve been demonstrating against the producers for not launching “KGF2” campaigns over the last few days are thrilled with the announcement.

The film will release on April 14th, in massive numbers across Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi. The film features Prakash Raj as Sanjay Dutt and Raveena Tandon as Prime Minister Ramikasen. Rao Ramesh played a vital role.

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