The Ghost Theatrical Telugu trailer.the Ghost ott date telugu.

The Ghost Theatrical Telugu trailer.

The trailer for the film ‘The Ghost” is being shown in all theaters that screen the film ‘Liger’. With just 2 minutes long, it’s packed with life, energy and an adrenaline excitement.

Akkineni Nagarjuna performs an action-oriented role that is driven by emotions and sentiment. Without sacrificing emotion the director Praveen Sattaru has created a smooth action film. The cinematography is stunning and the execution appears to be stunning.

After the release of ‘PSV Garuda Vedra’, Sattaru has only shown remarkable growth. This time,Akkineni Nagarjuna want to show variety and the thrills/entertainment are more mainstream. It’s also a big-screen spectacle absolutely. In thisfilm, stuntmasters Dinesh Subbarayan and Kaecha have provided assistance. The high-end visuals are sure will draw audiences to theaters. Mukesh G’s cinematography fits perfectly.

Anikha Surendran’s part is likely to be unique in style. Sonal Chauhan as well as Gul Panag have earned themselves roles in the film in case the trailer is any indication.

The film will be hitting screens on October 5.

The Ghost Theatrical Telugu trailer.

The Ghost Theatrical Telugu trailer.

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