sita ramam ott release date.setember 9th.

Sita ramam movie telugu is streaming from september 9th on amazon prime video.telugu and malayalam languages.

sita ramam is releasing on whick ott platform ?

Amazon prime on september 9th.

sita ramam ott release date
sita ramam ott release date

sita ramam ott release date.

Sita ramam telugu movie with starting Dulquer Salmaan(Actor) and mrunal thakur(Actor) and rashmika mandana ,tharun baskar ,sumanth are promient in the movie. which was directed by  Hanu Ragavapudi produced by priyanka dutt and ashwini datt .swapna cinema and vyjayanthi movie banners.vishal chandrasekhar(music director) composed very feel good songs and background score. P.S Vinod (cinematographer) he has presented good visuals.Cinematographers P S Vinod and Shreyaas Krishna portray the dangerous landscape in all its splendor and eerie. The stunning scenery aside the cold interiors with a flair. For instance, notice how light streams in through the walls patterned with patterns when Major Selvan is speaking to soldiers prior to an assignment.

It’s fine to be a lover of your country, but it isn’t necessary to feel a sense of hatred towards another country, as an intelligent man tells a young girl during the movie. In a different scene, after she’s given a handful of examples, along with the names that refer to one religion, she inquires with a sigh of dismay if there’s any person from her own community. Filmmaker Hanu Raghavapudi’s Sita Ramam is far more than a love story. The screenplay, the story, and dialogues of Hanu Raj Kumar Kandamudi and Jay Krishna ride on the idea that humanity is more important than boundaries, war or religion. The concept is constantly important in a time where discussions about “us” and “them’ could take over conversations everywhere we look.

Sita Ramamunravels mysteries of its main protagonists, Sita Mahalakshmi (Mrunal Thakur’s debut in Telugu cinema) and Lt Ram (Dulquer Salmaan), through two time periods – 1984 and 1964. Afreen (Rashmika Mandanna), from Pakistan, is a student who has arrived from India from London in 1984 and is assigned to trace Sita to deliver the letter written 20 years ago by Ram. She enlists the assistance of her college friend Balaji (Tharun Bhascker), who is currently living in Hyderabad.sita ramam ott release date sep 9th on amazon prime.

Ram plays a role that is made to be Dulquer Salmaan. He channels his charisma and charm to convey the character with ease and innocence. Tharun Bhasker is effortlessly in his supportive role that is a distinctive Hyderabadi Telugu.

Many others are featured in short parts. The list is endless. Sachin Khedekar Sunil, Priyadarshi, Bhumika Jisshu, Prakash Raj, Praneeta Pattnaik, Rahul Ravindran… the list is endless. Sumanth can be convincing in his role as an officer, showing his tough streak.

The story isn’t perfect. Sita Ramam is working to make it a classic love story, as the producers intended to make. However, the sincerity that they use to tell a compelling tale of love holds everything together. The main characters could be referred to as Ram, Sita and Afreen. Change their names and even their religion; however, the core message of the story is about will remain the same. This is the essence of the story.

The attempt to make the love story appear romantic is apparent from the moment Ram sets out to meet Sita. The technical team and the actors play every effort to create an appealing, old-fashioned romance that will sweep people completely off their feet. At first look, Sita might come across as a character from costume drama from the past, dressed as she is every time and sporting eyes that are smudge-proof. As the story develops and we get to know what she truly is, the elegance of her appearance seems more appropriate.
Costumes created by Sheetal Sharma, Production designs created by Sunil Babu, and art direction from Vaishnavi Reddy and Faisal Khan help in the definition of both the 1960s as well as the 1980s.
It’s Ram, Sita and a Hanuman (Vennela Kishore as Durjoy, an actor in the theatre). However, the film delivers a surprise during the interval that alters the entire story.

In the TFI(Telugu Film Industry), in the past two months, the audience is not coming to the theatre, and all movies are getting flops. The distributor is in huge losses, and sitaramam and bimbisara were released last Friday. Tho, movies are getting a blockbuster talk from the audience. This gives hope to producers and distributors that if the content is good audience will come to the theatre.

Sitaramam movies digital rights acquires by amazon prime in Telugu ,Tamil and malayalam audios .The film will streaming on amazon prime after five weeks of theatrical realease .Sitaramam that’s september 9th.sita ramam ott release date 9th sep.

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