Shehnaz Gill regrets what she said in Bigg Boss13, now apologizing with folded hands

Shehnaz Gill regrets what she said in Bigg Boss 13, now apologizing with folded hands.

Shehnaaz Gill Regret This Thing About Bigg Boss 13: Actress and singer Shehnaaz Gill, who was called ‘Katrina Kaif of Punjab’ in ‘Bigg Boss 13’, no longer likes to be called by this name.

Shehnaz Gill

New Delhi: Actress Shahnaz Gill has achieved whatever position she has achieved since Bigg Boss 13, she has done it on her own. At the same time, he has also made mistakes on this journey, which he now regrets. One such mistake he made in this was to describe himself as ‘Katrina Kaif of Punjab’. Everyone used to call him by that name and. But now Shehnaaz herself is not liking this name.

Shehnaaz was impressed by Karthik

Recently, during the rapid fire round in a show, Shahnaz made many big revelations. Her first big disclosure was that Karthik Aryan is her crush. She respects him a lot. The actress got a massage from the show.

He said that- ‘You work, you become very successful in life, do forgetfulness 4, 5 and 6.’

Main Nahin Punjab’s Katrina Kaif

By giving the names of the stars in the option, in the second question, Shahnaz was asked what will she talk about when she meets these stars, how will she react. One of these names was also of Katrina Kaif. Shahnaz replied, I will ask Katrina- ‘How is Vicky Kaushal?’.

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