Sharwa ‘Okate Kadhaa ‘.. Another amazing song from OkeOkaJeevitham movie.

Okate Kadhaa

Young protagonist Sharwanand’s 30th film, Ok Ek Kiyavan, will hit the theaters on September 9. Directed by debutant director Mr. Karthik, this movie is produced by SR Prakash Babu SR Prabhu in famous production company Dream Warrior Pictures. As a part of the musical promotions, the lyrical video of the song Ete Kada was released. This song has a lot of meaningful lyrics about life and is appealing to a group of people.

It seems that the protagonist tells about his life in the song itself. The song is composed by Jakes Bijoy and Krishnakanth penned the meaningful lyrics.

Sharwa ‘Okate Kadhaa ‘.. song from OkeOkaJeevitham.

Gautham Bharadwaj’s voice is also amazing. The teaser of this movie has already received an amazing response. Especially Amma’s song was liked by all the communities. And now a meaningful song about life has been released. This also creates a good faith in the film.

When it comes to the movie.. Ok Ek Kiva is made as a sci-fi family entertainer. It is said that the VFX scenes in the movie are amazing. In this film, Amala Akkineni plays the role of Sharwanand’s mother and Ritu Varma plays the heroine.

Sujith Sarang is doing the cinematography work while Sreejith Sarang is providing the editing. Director Tarun Bhaskar is writing dialogues for this movie which is being made with good technicians. They want to release this movie in Tamil Telugu simultaneously.

Only one life movie will be released in Tamil with the title ‘Kanam’. It is reported that more surprise announcements are being planned for the release of this movie. And Sharwanand is also very confident about only one life movie. Although his previous films were somewhat disappointing, he seems to be bouncing back with this film. The songs have created positive vibes about the movie throughout the teaser. It is said that the movie is also to please in the same way. And let’s see what kind of result Sharwanand gets at the box office.

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