Pushpa 2 : Sukumar’s top remuneration after Rajamouli.. If that happens then more..

Pushpa 2

pushpa 2 pooja ceremony

Creative director Sukumar Pushpa 2 has started efforts to bring the movie to the screen on a bigger scale than the first part. Recently, the actual work has started with the pooja programs related to this movie. The regular shooting is also going to start soon. But it seems that Sukumar is going to get the highest reward in his career for this movie. According to a deal, it seems that remuneration can be received almost in the Rajamouli range. Going into full details..

It can be said that Sukumar, the original director of Work Start, presents his films very differently in his own style. And this star director, who got a good craze through Allu Arjun’s movie, is now getting ready to get even more success with Pushpa’s second part. It is known that Sukumar is busy with the script work for this movie. Recently, he started working on the film with the puja programs

Sukumar Writings but this time there is a change in Pushpa second part. It is known that when the first part was released, Mythri Movie Makers and Allu Arjun’s relative Muttam Shetty Production was also a part. But now when Pushpa came to the second part, Muttam Shetty was not a part of the film. This time Sukumar Writings has joined as a partner but a clarity has come.

Pushpa 2 Remuneration It seems that through the second part of Pushpa, the remuneration is also going to increase. All the actors and technicians of the movie are going to get more than the first part in remunerations. It is reported that Sukumar, especially, is going to receive a remuneration of around 50 crores for this film. In a way this is the highest remuneration in the Telugu industry after Rajamouli among directors.

If successful… Rajamouli’s range is not only a reward but also continues as a partner in the film, so if Sukumar’s film is successful, there is a possibility of receiving income in a higher range than that. It is known that director Rajamouli receives a share of the profits for each of his films. It is reported that he is getting a share of up to 100 crores. Now even if Sukumar Pushpa gets 1000 crore box office collections, there is a chance to get a share in almost the same range. Let’s see how successful the movie will be at the box office.

pushpa 2 pooja ceremony


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