oke oka jeevitham review boxmovies.

Movie : oke oka jeevitham
Cast: Sharwanand-Vennela Kishore-Priyadarshi-Ritu Varma-Amala Akkineni and others
Music: Jakes Bijoy
Cinematography: Sujeet Sarang
Lyrics: Tarun Bhaskar
Producers: SR Prabhu-SR Suresh Babu
Story-Screen Play-Direction: Mr. Karthik

The young hero, who has been struggling with success for years, has now come to the audience with the film Only One Life. This film made in Tamil and Telugu languages ​​has attracted the attention of the audience with good promos. And did the movie live up to the expectations.. is it going to give Sharva another success.. let’s see.

oke oka jeevitham review boxmovies

oke oka jeevitham review


Aadi (Sharwanand) is a guitarist. His goal is to become a musician. But due to lack of self-confidence, he cannot take a step forward in his career. His two friends (Vennela Kishore.. Priyadarshi) also face some problems. When their lives are going hopelessly, scientist Paul (Nasser) gets to know them. He has built a time machine that travels through time. But Paul, who has already failed an experiment.. this time chooses Adi to test it. Knowing that his life will be at risk to save his mother who died when he was young, Adi is ready to travel in a time machine. His two friends also join him saying that this is a good opportunity to change their lives. And what did these three achieve by going back two decades.. What were the experiences they faced there.. What turn did their lives take in this journey is the rest of the story.


There are very few science fiction movies on the Indian screen that are based on time travel. But most of those lesser films have impressed the audience immensely. Aditya 369, which came out in Telugu three decades ago, looks very interesting now. A few years ago, Vikram Kumar’s 24 with Suriya as the hero also created a good feeling for the audience, which took place in the background of time travel. And Indru Netru Nalai, which was made in Tamil itself, was very impressive with its story of time travel. Although the background of these three films is the same, their stories are different and keep the audience entertained throughout. Now with Sharwanand as the hero, new director Srikarthik’s One Life takes us to another world using the theme of time travel. What makes it different from the above three films is the emotion of Amma’s character Taluk. The importance given to this character in the story.. if the emotional scenes woven around it touch the heart of the audience.. the twists and turns in the story in the background of time travel will arouse excitement. In addition to this, the audience was tickled well here and there with situation comedy. It can’t be said that it is a very exciting movie but only one life is successful in engaging the audience without getting bored anywhere.

Time travel is a very interesting thing to hear.. to see.. When we see such fantasy concepts.. we imagine what it would be like if this happens in our life too. Very easy to connect. Even One Life makes the audience connect with the story very quickly and get involved in it. The director pulled the initial scenes sharply without taking too much to introduce the characters. He introduced the concept of time travel in less than half an hour and made the three main characters travel back in time. As the story quickly takes this turn, one gets curious about what will happen next from here. It seems very interesting that the hero and his friends are thinking about their current age. Vennela Kishore.. Priyadarshi.. trying to connect with their childhood characters and try to change them seems really funny. While both of them are tickling on one side, on the other hand, Sharva’s journey with Amma is heart-warming. The director has mixed comedy and emotions in the first half of the story.

And the interval twist takes the curiosity of the audience to another level. This turn helped to lead the scenes anew in the second half.. to increase the suspense. How the three main characters come back to the present..how to correct the wrong done in time travel will keep the interest till the end. In the second sense, the emotions are more matured with the character of Amma. Though the scope of comedy is reduced, there is no chance of getting bored as the thrill factor is worked out. Apart from the complaint that some scenes are slow, the movie runs smoothly. The climax seems a bit ordinary compared to the way the film has progressed up to that point but.. not disappointing. The way it establishes the point that no one can change destiny is impressive. On the whole, director Mr. Karthik has succeeded in telling another interesting new story in the background of time travel. No doubt this will surely be a big relief for Sharva. As his performance is also good, there are plenty of chances to become a box office winner in one lifetime.


After many years, Sharwanand played a role that pleased the audience. It can be said that it is a tailor made role for him. Sharva is tied in the scenes where emotions are cultivated. Scenes related to mother with importance

Technical category:

The technical support of this film has been good. Jakes Bijoy gives feel good songs. Amma’s song is special among all. The background music is also impressive. Cinematography by Sujeeth Sarang is good. The visuals are colorful. The production values ​​of the film are very good. Tarun Bhaskar’s words were natural and sharp in his style. The new director Mr. Karthik has chosen a different story. His work as a writer and director is pleasing. He has a bright future.

Finally: Only one life.. a journey of fun


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