Nene Vasthunna telugu review

Nene Vasthunna telugu review

Actors :- Dhanush Indhuja Ravichandran Ellievram Prabhu Salvaraghavan Yogababu Azid Khaleeq Shelly Kishore Saravana Subbaiah and others acted.
Written by: Dhanush
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography : Om Prakash
Editing : Bhuvan Srinivasan
Producer: Kalaipuli S. Thanu
Directed by: Selvaraghavan

Kadal Konden'' is a romantic psychological thriller made in the debut season of Dhanush - Selvaraghavan. Hero Dhanush got a good reputation as an actor with this movie which was a sensational success in Tamil, while Selvaraghavan got everyone's attention as a director. Again, Dhanush and Selvaraghavan's movie ”Nene Vasthunna” is a psychological action thriller with the same story. This movie was released in Telugu with the name `Nene Vasthunna''. This is the fourth film of Dhanush-Selvaraghavan combination. Last year S. J. Selvaraghavan, who made a horror thriller with Surya Regina, this time added horror elements and made the movie Nene Vasthunna as a psychological icon path. The special thing is that hero Dhanush is providing the story for this movie. This movie is released today in both languages.. Now let’s see the special features.


A family in Ramagundam.. Prabhu Dhanush Kadeer has twin children. Prabhu is intelligent.. but Kadir is behaving strangely. The father ties him to a tree and leaves him there till night so that he does not burn a girl’s dress. Kadeep is nowhere to be seen when he goes to untie his cuts without his mother being able to see him. Somewhere in the forest a man chains him. Kadeer brutally kills him and the police catch him. Kadeen’s parents who know about the matter free him from the police. Since then, Kadeer’s misdeeds become more and more.. When Kadeer kills his father, the mother gets rid of him and goes away with her younger son Prabhu. After 20 years, Prabhu.. marries Bhuvana and lives happily.. They have a son named Satya. A 12-year-old child is behaving strangely. She says that Sonu is harassing her. Who is Sonu? .. What is his relationship with Prabhu? .. What happened to Kadir? .

Narrative Analysis:

Psycho Path has had a lot of action thrillers so far. But this movie is made with mixing story like Atmalu Psycho Killer. This movie shows the story of psycho killer while showing that there are souls and they come for all kinds of revenge. So far there have been many movies where one of the two friends behaves differently since childhood. Priyamani starrer ‘Charulata’ is a thriller based on a similar story. But the director has recently added a psycho thriller and horror elements in this movie and told a new story that the souls choose themselves again to take revenge on the psycho. The way the story unfolds without any logic seems very routine and boring.

Until the interval, the child episode is interesting and makes you feel that you are telling a story, but after that, the story is not impressive. Selvaraghavan, who gave a soulful twist in the interval bang, played the role of Kabir from the front and was nowhere to be seen in the second half of the build-up.. He could not show much. Dhanush impressed with his dual role in two roles in this movie which was made as Horror Psycho Path.

But in the story written by him, except for his two characters, there is no story. In the second half, Kabir shines with his character. Although the way he presented as a psycho is good, it would have been better if his character had been made stronger. Although it aroused interest in the first half, when it came to the second half, it turned out to be a routine psycho thriller and Selvaraghavan couldn’t lead the story without any plot. Dhanush tried to lift the film with his own performance, but due to the lack of interesting scenes with a strong story, the film remained below average.

Actors Acting:

Dhanush played a double role in this. Prabhu played the role of Soft as well as Kabir as Psycho. Dhanush’s transformation performance in Kabir’s roles is impressive. Dhanush’s performance as Kabir during the murder is good. Dhanush has impressed with his performance in the emotional scenes as well as in the scenes where the psycho becomes real. In the role of Prabhu, who is a soft character, Dhanush’s expressions in the emotional scenes as a father who is in despair and unable to save his daughter, who is experiencing hell, are impressive. And Ellievram Prabhu Selvaraghavan, who played the role of a dumb young woman as the wife of Indhuja Ravichandran Kadeer, who played the role of Prabhu, impressed by acting according to the scope of their roles.

In between, Yogababu tried to laugh. But he should know why Selvaraghavan took Prabhu, who played the role of a psychiatrist. Prabhu is not a role to play. He doesn’t have much scope. Not even important. Selvaraghavan couldn’t do magic with a story that was beyond logic.

Technical category:

Hero Dhanush provided the story for this movie. There is no clarity in the story itself. Even going to the point of souls, the story lines would have scared the average audience with tear-jerking scenes and made them cling to the chair…but it didn’t. In this story, while showing the psycho killer, telling the story of the soul who chooses another body to kill him does not reach logic anywhere. It is as if Dhanush took some Hollywood story and twisted it to his liking and wrote this story without any logic. There was a big mistake. Due to the lack of guts in the story, Selvaraghavan could not do his magic. Although he tried to impress with his own take, the lack of proper story and impressive scenes became a big minus.

Yuvan Shankar Raja tried to impress the audience at every step with his BGMs, but his efforts were wasted due to lack of proper scenes. Although the shooting and making seemed okay, the lack of guts in the story of the film became a big minus. Those who expected this movie to be a psycho thriller were disappointed. This movie, which went without any logic, was pleasing here and there but overall it failed to make any impact.

Finally: “Nene Vasthunna” is a psycho thriller that defies logic

Rating 2.5/5

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