Nani rang the siren for Oora Mass Nani’Dasara.

The naturally famous Nani has been awestruck by the audience of his family for a long time. However, this time he altered his plans. Urmas incarnate. Natural actress Nani has taken on a new form for her upcoming film “Dussehra” in the same style of rough character that she portrayed in Bunny Pushparaj in the movie ‘Pushpa,’ with her latest transformation. Director – directing the film as an action-packed drama on the outskirts of Cole Mines.Nani’Dasara

Sudhakar Cherukuri produced the film under Sri Lakshmi Venkateswara Cinemas; the film features Srikanth Odela as director. The film is starring Kirti Suresh as the lead character is set in the background of the Godavarikhani Singareni coal mine located in Karimnagar district in Telangana with massive pucca elements. Hero Nani, who had an excellent success with Shyam Singarai, attempted to impress on a global level with this film; however, those efforts were not successful.Nani’Dasara

But, with the newest film, ‘Dussehra,’ Nani is focusing on the pan-Indian market. The film is expected to release simultaneously across Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, and Hindi. The crew who have recently officially released the film began regular filming. On Sunday, the movie released a trailer titled Spark from Nani’Dasara.

The video was released just half an hour after it was removed because of technical issues. The makers then announced they would unveil a surprise for Sunday evening. The video starts with images that show coal being loaded onto tippers in an open quarry that is burning. Black-colored cheek lungi. A redshirt is worn with an apex of beedi and putting the beedi in with charcoal that is burning. The way Nani appears impressed in the village’s mass avatar, with two bottles of 90ml in front of him.

Inspiring expectations for the film. Anyone who has seen this film believes that Nani was the one to sound the siren for Oora Mass Nani’Dasara when she made this film. Nani’s emoji about her life in the pucca Telangana language is believed to be visually appealing to people looking for action-packed mass production from Nani.

Nani’s name as a character is Dharani. What does he have to do with his coal mining experience? Is there a link between the people suffering from the injuries inflicted on the man in the video? You must see a movie to discover the answer to that.Nani’Dasara

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