Movie Review: Standup Rahul

Movie Review: Standup Rahul

MOVIE: Standup Rahul

Cast: Raj Tarun-Varsha Bollamma-Murali Sharma-Indraja-Vennela Kishore-Devi Prasad-Venkatesh Maha etc.
Music: Sveikar Agusti
Cinematography: Shriraj Ravindran
Words: Nandakumar
Producers: Nandakumar Abbineni-Bharat Maguluri
Writing-Directing: Santo

A young protagonist who has been struggling for success for many years, and now he has come forward to the audience as ‘Standup Rahul’. Let’s see if this movie, which hits the theatres today, can deliver the desired success of Raj.


Rahul (Raj Tarun) is a boy who is struggling to look after their shared love as his parents split up against his will. He says that his mother and father got separated due to a quarrel .. with the idea of ​​not getting married in life. At the same time, he is haunted by the confusion of whether to lead a life of intelligent employment as his mother wants him to do or to do as his father tells him. At such a time, he meets a new job. He studied together in school as a child and then met the distant Shriya (Varsha Bollamma). Shriya hopes to increase the intimacy between the two and marry Rahul. But Rahul, who has an antipathy towards marriage .. pushes her away. Whether Rahul overcame his confusion over his career, the rest of the story is where his journey with Shriya went.


Comedy is the most challenging juice in Navrasal. These days, however, it has become challenging to cultivate comedy on the silver screen. Many comedy shows, including Zabardast, are entertaining enough on TV. Although some people criticize comedy .. their popularity of them is not all. The majority of movie-goers are well accustomed to this comedy on TV. This makes it very difficult to cultivate comedy on the silver screen. The comedy kick does not come unless it is riotous with typical characters. It is natural to expect a lot of comedy in this context, which means the hero standup comedian. But the sad fact is that there is not a single hilarious scene in ‘Standup Rahul’. Whether the hero is a standup comedian or not, there should be comedy .. and any other juices should be properly cultivated. But that was not the case. Romance did not bear fruit. The family drama did not stick. Emotions feel like a forced rub. Overall, ‘Standup Comedian’ turned out to be a dull affair of two hours to impress.

Hero IT Professional Come Standup Comedian .. Heroine His Colleague .. Hero Father Director .. Hero Mother Air Hostess. It will not be a trendy movie as long as it shows their background food in a modern way. There should be freshness in the storytelling. The same was missed in ‘Standup Rahul’. A hero mother is a responsible man who thinks about the family. Tandem is a man whose passion is paramount. If the couple separates .. the hero does not want to get married. It is difficult for any wife to walk with that man when the homeowner is wandering around saying that passion is without responsibility.
On top of that, she must be far away while carrying the family’s burden. When the problem here seems to be something straightforward. There is no logic in fixing that the problem is that the hero is married. In distancing himself from the girl he loves. However, this type of hero character is not new to us. If the character we saw in ‘Swayamvaram’ two decades ago is being shown again now, how can we really look at it and fail anew?

Instead of leading a routine life while doing a job like everyone else. We have already seen a lot of movies with stories that tell us to do what we like. So when choosing this point, it is crucial to make the audience emotionally connected with the main character to see themselves in it. So, at no stage can you connect with the hero character in ‘Standup Rahul’. His behaviour makes the film feel weird and annoys us. And how can we feel the emotion of his taluk? None of the other characters, including the heroine, seem lovable. I can’t understand why the heroine loves the hero. The hero feeling towards the heroine is unbelievable. I can’t predict who will behave when and how. The love story seems to be forced from the front, so the mind is not heavy when it comes to the separation between the hero and heroines. One can only guess how the family drama is going to end with the way it was initially dealt with. That’s not even impressive. And that doesn’t mean the standup comedian occasionally entertains the hero. If the hero is joking, he will be applauded in the auditorium, but. there will be no movement in the audience watching the movie. ‘Standup Rahul’, which is boring in the first half, does not seem to be aha unless it makes you feel a bit okay in the second half. There is no point in being a standout in ‘Standup Rahul’ except to say that it is a current trend that one can do whatever one likes while doing a job.


Seeing Raj Tarun mostly in roles with mass touch .. he looks new as an IT professional cum standup comedian. His makeover feels okay. But in terms of acting, it is not a movie that looks special to him. This character is nowhere to be seen by the audience. Even Raj, who excelled in writing, could not keep up with his performance. However, Varsha Bollamma is a good artist. Shriya’s character did not give her a big chance. She did well in some emotional scenes. Minus that the rain looks very average in terms of looks. However, Murali Sharma does justice to his role. He is not a level character to do. Indraja did well. Moonlight Kishore comedy is such a brilliant movie. He could not make any impact. The rest of the cast is normal.

Technical Category:

Sweiker Agusti music is okay. Although the songs did not seem very special, they went soso. The background music is nice. Shriram Ravindran Photography is impressive. The visuals feel trendy. Production values ​​have improved on a cinematic level. Nandakumar’s words sparked some. New director Santo was disappointed. ‘Standup Rahul’ was revealed near the writing. Unless he thinks anew until the background of the characters .. he could not show innovation in shaping them. The end of the story is .. boring elastic screenplay made it even more watery. This is comedy. Santo is a director who can not cultivate any emotions.

Finally: Standup Rahul. None

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