‘Love Mouli’ Colorful Holi Hungama

Young hero Navdeep is a young hero who has earned gained a reputation for being a heroin love-story film is now altered his look. “Love Mouli” is a film that has an overhaul with an entirely new look. This film takes place against the backdrop of a road trip as an intimate love story. Directed by Avanendra. The film is produced through Prashant Thatikonda, under the banner Naira Creations. Navdeep Look is already released has sparked excitement for the film.

The beard has been shaved… The hair of Barry is growing to an unrecognizable size. Versace hero Navdeep’s transformation shocked the world. Navadeep’s appearance suggests that he’s cut his beard without ever seeing the moustache.

The role of Navdeep as a bike traveller is not atypical. The last time, Kajal Agarwal released the first glimpses of the Pankhurst Gidwani’s character in the month of Valentine’s Day.

People have concluded that the film will be set in O Range as Navdeep works on Lip Lock in this clip. The makers have released a teaser trailer on the day of Holi. The look of Navdeep is stunning with the hues on the canvas. The teaser was made by incorporating the images into background music for the Love song—Govind Vasantha composed music to the song ‘Love Mouli’.

Navdeep is looking forward to the forthcoming e-Movie that will feature an entirely new story. We’ll need to wait until the movie’s release to see if the faith Navdeep has in this film is due to come out shortly and will be a boon in his profession.

The music for this film is composed by Ananthasriram Music Kiran Mango Editing Direction and Photography by Avanendra.

Love Mouli

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