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Liger telugu review


Pan India Film Ligar movie has a range of expectations not only in the trade but also in the audience. If you watch the promotions of Liger movie, you can be sure that the movie will be a super hit. . Puri Mark dialogues and Vijay Devarakonda’s attitude will be a special attraction for the movie, the audience reckoned. But if all of them were true, the movie would have been a blockbuster. How is the movie actually. Does it live up to the expectations or does it seem to fall short… Puri Magic .. gave another Smart Shankar…. did Vijay Devarakonda fall to the shore from the rafts, let’s see what the story is like in the review.


Movie plot :-

Liger (Vijay Devarakonda) comes to Mumbai from Karimnagar with his mother Balamani (Ramyakrishna). Their goal is to win the mixed martial arts MMA league. To become a national champion. Once upon a time Liger’s father was also a great fighter. So she wants to see her son beyond that. Coach (Ronit Roy) helps for that. A liger concentrates all his attention in the face of all difficulties and difficulties. But Tanya (Ananya Pandey) who accidentally comes into his life makes him fall in love with her. It spoils his aim and concentration. How did Liger overcome it…how did Tanya accept it…how did he manage to go to the World MMA Championship in Las Vegas. Who is his father…Mike Tyson what is his role in this story…finally you have to watch the movie to know things like whether Liger was able to fulfill his mother’s goal.

Analysis :-

This is a Slumdog Millionaire template story told in the background of boxing. Puri can’t help but have an idea that this story, which runs in flashback narration, has been told many times on screen. But with his own style dialogues, Vijay Devarakonda’s Mark mannerisms, Mike Tyson may have thought that he can pull it with special attraction. As he expected, they worked to take the film to the next level. But those expectations have been raised. Receiving them is not possible for this normal regular commercial stuff. Although the first half looks somewhat methodical, the second half completely drops.

Every now and then there are convincing scenes to be corrected. Songs are just that..songs are not meant to be sung by the viewer. Heroine’s track is like this every time it comes, I feel like I can’t watch it. Most importantly, the hero required for a commercial film..every cool paristidulu or villain thread is not right. With that, the character of the hero appears to be active but becomes passive. Fights come after fights like dealing with some sports biopic. Some scenes with the heroine and some scenes with the mother were added because it was needed in the middle.

Puri Jagannath, who always focuses on characterizing the hero’s don’t care attitude, has left it this time. Hero’s dialogues are all drowned in stuttering. Stuttering is annoying in many places. At first it seemed a bit new, but it felt like it was done over. And when it comes to screenplay… Puri has left it completely. It runs without any structure or method anywhere. Also this is not an experiment..not a new generation story. It seems that the characters are not developed properly and the scenes are woven just by holding the story line. That’s why the character sometimes behaves in one way and sometimes in another way. If there was a screenplay that captures the many fights in the movie in one way, the movie would have been different. That’s why the tracks that are not related to the main story are boring. There is a doubt whether the film is made by the director who gave commercial hits like Pokiri and Smart Shankar.

Liger telugu review

Among the actors :-

Vijay Deverakonda prepared his body perfectly to suit the MMA fighter character. Also, even though there is not much in the character, he raised it in many places with his energy. It seemed like a one man show. The way he presents himself in the scenes with Mike Tyson shows the dedication in Vijay Deverakonda. But that fight does not look like such a serious matter on screen. Devarakonda looks like an action mass hero in all the other fights. Akidipakidi danced in the song.

Ananya Pandey …doesn’t seem to have worked for anything other than to take the film to Bollywood. Her track is terrible. Her acting is just like that. The track is a crowd pleaser. There is something special about Ramya Krishna. Like in many movies, she did it in this one too. Puri’s regular movie mother law rebel characterization. Getup made Srinu smile a bit. Ali didn’t seem like much. Mike Tyson could not make any impact. Other characters are just okay.

Technically :-

In this movie, the response to the songs before the release was different on screen. These have become speed breakers for the scenes which were very limited. But Akidipakidi song is good. The scenes can’t be supported… but the background score is not enough to give that much momentum. Liger BGM is just ok. Cinematography is good. The visuals are much grander. Even where there is no subject in the scenes, they tried not to let the eyes turn to the side. The art direction is also perfect. Puri mark editing style, random cuts this time


Vijay’s screen presence
Action sequences
Ramyakrishna Performance


A routine story that has been told many times
Use of natti in irritants
Predictable screenplay

Final REVIEW :-

If the story and narrative is not right, even if Mike Tyson comes and Vijay Devarakonda holds the mic, the result will be Assam.

Rating: 2.5/5


Liger all languages post theatrical release digital rights are acquired by Disney+Hotstar .

Liger ott release date :-

In Disney+Hotstar it is expected to premiere as Dusshera special around October 5th.

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